Writing is a lonely business (Excerpt of Jonathan Safran Foer’s interview by Jessica Roy)

“…Jessica Roy: So what do you think has been the hardest thing about being a writer in New York?


Jonathan Safran Foer: I don’t know if anything is harder in New York than any where else, but the hardest thing is probably that you’re alone with it. And I mean that in so many different ways. One is that you have no real peers; there’s no office banter or boss. There’s no one who forces you to do it, which can make it very hard to do it. You’re also alone with your work. You know, it’s very, it’s not only hard, it’s totally impossible to know if you’re working on something good or bad, because there’s no objective yardstick. So in most other occupations people are regularly getting feedback that feels like it matters, but with writing you can be doing terrifically and have the world say you’re doing terribly, or you can be doing what you know is terrible and have the world say you’re doing well. So you’re alone in that sense. It’s very hard to muster all the energy that’s necessary…”


Link to original interview: http://nyulocal.com/entertainment/2009/03/26/an-interview-with-nyu-professor-and-novelist-jonathan-safran-foer/


Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Safran_Foer


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