Poem: A Solemn Divide.



A solemn divide I have endured,
from which I have become a cheerless bird;
soaring undaunted through the wet folds of mercury skies.
And tempests notwithstanding, I’ve sought the stardust—
pursued the ether— the sublime,
and like a bird forever returning to the bare ground,
I’ve grown weary being never contented.
The only specimen I bring
on my quivering excuse of a wing
is the dew of the sky that I’m chained to:
the tears of the universe—
or may it be its sweat.

A solemn divide,
which dots the chart of disconnect,
like abandoned kites flying above lead shores of melancholy
tottering accurst in the highest enamored sunset;
deep symbolism be their calling,
but I am deaf to its voice.
I have found— I’ve stumbled upon
the vacuum that sits in between
reality and nothingness, the cradle and the casket,
it is imbued with rare beauty
Like the ear-lobes of God, or His eye-lashes
to it—all the laurels belong—
here, in this diameter of sound—
the space between heart beats,
time and space have no meaning.


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