Poem: Acacia…


I saw a giraffe in the zoo today;

long, elegant, graceful and mean—

just how I remember her, Acacia, my ex—

“You bulimic giraffe,” she’d say.

I’m a hard person to love, I know;

So she tagged my every eccentricity as thus—

as something absurd as a giraffe regurgitating.

Even now, I still don’t get it—

“It’d take a giraffe forever to puke?” I’d ask

She’d nod, her head seesawing across

her long, beaded neck, and say,

“It’d take a giraffe longer than it’d take me

to get used to your oddities—”

In contrast, it took her less time to leave me

than it takes a giraffe to nap,

That’s why I changed her name from Rose to Acacia.


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