Philosophy: The Sick Created the Afterworldly.

It was the sick and decaying who despised body and earth and invented the heavenly realm and the redemptive drops of blood: but they took even these sweet and gloomy poisons from body and earth. They wanted to escape their own misery, and the stars were too far for them. So they sighed: ‘”Would that there were heavenly ways to sneak into another state of being and happiness?”

Thus they invented their sneaky ruses and bloody potions. Ungrateful, these people deemed themselves transported from their bodies and this earth. But to whom did they owe the convulsions and raptures of their transport? To their bodies and this earth.

Zarathustra is gentle with the sick Verily, he is not angry with their kinds of comfort and ingratitude. May they become convalescents, men of overcoming, and Create a higher body for themselves! Nor is Zarathustra angry with the convalescent who eyes is delusion  tenderly and, at midnight, sneaks around the grave of his god: but even so his tears still betray sickness and a Sick body to me. Many sick people have always been among the Poetizers and God-cravers; furiously they hate the lover of knowledge and that youngest among the virtues, which is called ‘honesty.” They always look backward toward dark ages; then, indeed, delusion and faith were another matter: the rage of reason was godlike-ness, and doubt was sin.

I know these godlike men all too well: they want one to have faith in them, and doubt to be sin. All too well I also know what it is in which they have most faith. Verily, it is not in afterworlds and redemptive drops of blood, but in the body, that they too have most faith; and their body is to them their thing-in-itself. But a sick thing it is to them, and gladly would they shed their skins. Therefore they listen to the preachers of death and themselves preach afterworlds.

Listen rather, my brothers, to the voice of the healthy body: that is a more honest and purer voice More honestly and purely speaks the healthy body that is perfect -and perpendicular: and it speaks of the meaning of the earth.

Thus spoke Zarathustra.

— Excerpt taken from Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra.


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