Poem: Elegy by K.K. Baczynski

Clouds of flight, sails of ecstasy, trees’ companions
upon the firmament.
My head declines to knotted hands, a head in throes,
My arms hunger.
The tall dark bird that swims beneath you:
my heart.
How do I flee anxiety to golden woods
O bird-clouds?
How then do I return, in grief, undone,
to your fluidity and flight?
Hands pierced, the cross follows me,
the duty of death.
This unworked clay thus heaps up, hardens,
cities are ablaze.
On earth am I my own grave,
my own hope?
O silent clouds! You bypass me again, o lights afloat,
distant shades.
Faith I’ll name you. Your name for me: grief’s dust,
casket, man.


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