“Excelsior! You will never pray again, never adore again never again rest in endless trust; you deny yourself any stopping before ultimate wisdom, ultimate goodness ultimate power, while unharnessing your thoughts; you have no perpetual guardian and friend for your seven solitudes; you live without a view of mountains with snow on their peaks and fire in their hearts; there is no avenger for you, no eventual improver; there is no reason any more in what happens, no love in what will happen to you; no resting place is any longer open to your hear where it has only to find and no longer to seek; you resist any ultimate peace, you want the eternal recurrence of war and peace.

Man of renunciation do you want to renounce all this? Who will give you the necessary strength? Nobody yet has had this strength” There is a lake which one day refused to flow off and erected a dam where it had hitherto flowed off, ever since, this lake has been rising higher and higher. Perhaps that very renunciation will also lend us the strength to bear the renunciation itself; perhaps man will rise ever higher when he once ceases to flow out into a god.”




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