Poem: GRACE.

Lay courtesy where it’s due
Like wreaths on a headstone;
money for sex by the dresser,
Splurge it also;
‘Fuck-you money’ on a new mortgage, a European car,
new boobs, botox, whatever!
But first, forgive the gesture
that stirs the grace,
then forgive the grace that answers the restlessness,
then forgive the restlessness
that questions the grace
that in turn beckons the gesture in the first place—
that sigh so heavy it puts a dent
on Atlas’s shoulders


8 thoughts on “Poem: GRACE.

  1. Hey..
    I am new to poems and find them difficult to read. Or understand, I am new to the poem.
    I am wondering, is this poem about life..

    Thank you

    1. Yes, the poem is about life, (to a certain degree, most poems are about life)
      It’s about realising that however careful you’ve been there’s going to come a time when you get the sense that you’ve missed something, that you didn’t experience it all, that a lot of what you’ve called like you’ve rushed through, that you weren’t paying attention to the grace of your own aging.
      And that point is usually punctuated by a very heavy sigh of hopelessness. That’s when you start to feel the sand shift beneath your heels.
      I don’t know if that makes any sense to you, but that’s what I had in mind when writing this…

      1. Yeah that is kinda how I read it Derek. I speak to many good friends who are Poets on here and REALLY good, and one is trying VERY HARD to get me to understand them. I am Scottish, I just see random words that make no sense
        “Poet Robert Burns” from Scotland would punch me in the teeth for this 😀

        Cheers for explaining, I really am interested in poems, but I am BRAND NEW to them…

        Rome wasn’t build in a day however.. .lol


      2. You’re welcome.
        And don’t sweat it too much, you’ll get the hang of it eventually, we’ve all been where you are. Just read as much poetry as you can and it’ll become easier.

      3. You lied. This isn’t terrible.
        It’s actually quiet good. But yeah, you could cut out the rhyming, nobody rhymes anymore.
        All in all, I think you’ve got quite a good handle on poetry, just keep at it, read as much free verse as you can.
        But this is actually quite good.

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