FERNANDO PESSOA: The Art Of Effective Dreaming II

Postpone everything. Never do today what you can leave for tomorrow. In fact you need not do anything at all, tomorrow or today.

Never think about what you’re going to do. Don’t do it.

Live your life. Don’t be lived by it. Right or wrong, happy or sad, be your own self. You can do this only by dreaming, because your real life, your human life, is the one that doesn’t belong to you but to others. You must replace your life with your dreaming, concentrating only on dreaming perfectly. In all the acts of your real life, from that of being born to that of dying, you don’t act – you’re acted; you don’t live – you’re merely lived.

Become an inscrutable sphinx to others. Shut yourself in your ivory tower, but without slamming the door.

Your ivory tower is you.

And if someone tells you this is false and absurd, don’t believe it. But don’t believe in what I say either, because one ought not believe in anything.

Disdain everything, but in such a way that your disdain doesn’t disturb you. Don’t think you’re superior because you disdain. This is the key to the art of noble disdain


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