The taxi halted and I awoke from my dreamless wonder
reality had never grown fonder,
I wandered the streets, littering upon them
my faith; God’s fodder—
I saw the sum of the world, in the eyes
of a street preacher, little glints of strife
uneven specks of piety,
I stopped in the middle of the road,
and called him to me;
breaks locked, metal scrunched, gravel splitting—
he was run over,
and no one cared.

For he trampled the heaven of their world flowers
the tufts from which their city breathed,
In the chasms all around us.
I walked over to him and
I placed my palm against his cheek,
and held infinity in his froth,
and life in the passing hour of death;
I held eternity,
And saw in that moment,
How small a thing life is, weighed by uneven scales.


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