The Soundtrack of Writing

Definitely. If you’re writing and you’re not already doing this, please just do yourself a favour.
What’s on my writing playlist: London Grammar, Nas, Ed Sheeran, The Cranberries, Jamie Cullum, Carl Orff, Gabriel Urbain Fauré, Gregorio Allegri, and a bunch of others…

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The Soundtrack of Writing, by author Penny White

Like any good movie, a good book requires the proper background music. Writing with a soundtrack can help boost creativity and productivity.
What type of book are you writing?
  • Murder mystery
  • Science Fiction
  • Western
  • Romance
Each of these categories has appropriate background music. Think of the last Science Fiction or Romance movie you watched. What type of music was in the background? Was it dramatic?  Was it light-hearted? Did it enhance your movie-going experience?  Whether you paid attention to the music or not, some of it probably stayed with you.  For that reason, using background music while writing will make a book stay with a reader.
Choose the Music for Your Writing
It stands to reason that Country Music may be best suited for writing a Western novel. But don’t rule out listening to Garth Brooks or Trisha…

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