Let go and Let God.

Trusting the system. Working one day at a time. Blah blah blah (Yeah, baby gargoyles, daddy’s in one of his moods)


Not to point a finger, but just checked my panels on my social networks, word has got around about me journaling my recovery and typical, they think it’s about them. My notifications have piled up. All the likes and messages and the tags. All the nuisance from a lot of people who want to believe they are my friends. Those who believe they’re needed. Indispensable even. God, the ego on them.

One of them writes about how she’s started a prayer chain for me. A spiritual pyramid scheme… As if you can gang up on God. Hold Him hostage.

Thing is, baby gargoyles, this isn’t about me, as much as it’s about God or “them” None of us has the capacity to help. This is all about the system. Want to pray for something pray for the system, the subject not the object, me, God, them.


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