PHILLIP SHERRARD: “The Sacred in Life & Art”

… An art which is itself the product of exactly the same way of life or sense of life as that which has produced this civilization is powerless to prevent or check or in any way reorientate the development of the world of which it is a part: it is ultimately defeated from the start. artists whose way of life does not include the experience of spiritual realities or even the acknowledgement of these realities, and whose art is therefore the product of their individual and subjective mental, emotional or sensational activities and preoccupations, are simply deluding themselves when they talk of being in the front line in a cultural battle against the domination of machines, the depravity of taste, the vast inhumanity that typify our contemporary societies: they are the servants and victims and instruments of exactly the influences that have shaped these societies, whatever gesture of defiance or cry of anger they may make against them.


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